So you want a 10x10 unit, do you?

This is the best choice for a medium-sized locker.

This is the smallest unit we have that has a full-sized garage door for easy clearance and accessibility.

A 10x10 storage unit happens to be the most practical, most flexible, and as a result, our most popular size of unit for our average customer.

That said, if you're thinking of using a storage unit for multiple purposes, it's always good to choose the next size up. Not that we're against renting you multiple lockers. But at RHS Self Storage, we're more interested in having happy customers.

Just one more reason to choose RHS over our competition. Give us a call today. 614-875-6029

What's a 10x10 good for?

  • Holds four average-sized rooms.
  • A good unit when you're staging your house for sale, to get clutter out of the way.
  • Golf carts, motorcycles with side-cars, trike bikes, and bikes with bags on the side.
  • Storing your kid's stuff when they're going through a major life change, like a divorce or a bankruptcy.
  • Off-site file storage that is well-organized, with room for shelves and easy retrieval.
  • Storing tools and equipment away from the worksite.
  • Running a small home-based business.