Are you thinking a 10x15 storage unit might be a good fit?

This is one of our more popular sizes.

10x15 storage units are easily one of our most popular sizes, and certainly the most convenient.

The thing is, though, is that storage can be a bit addicting. When you realize how convenient it is to store things out of your way in a clean and secure environment, you start thinking of other things to store.

What many of our customers enjoy about this size is how easy it is to expand. With other sizes, if you decide you need a bigger locker, you may have to move to a different unit. With a 10x15 unit we can usually rent you an adjacent unit so you don't have to walk all over our facility.

Not that you won't enjoy the walk around our clean and secure facility, and maybe if you like exercise that's your kind of thing.... But many of our customers enjoy the convenience of having adjacent units.

Just one more reason to choose RHS over our competition. Give us a call today. 614-875-6029

What's a 10x15 good for?

  • One of our most popular units
  • Holds four average rooms, plus appliances
  • Holds small cars, like BMW roadsters, beetles, and the like
  • Easily fits four quad motorcycles. Great for motorcycle enthusiasts!
  • The most convenient size for running a small business out of.
  • The most expandable unit for those who might need more room down the line.