Are you thinking that a 10x20 might be right for you?

It might just be a perfect match.

Maybe you're moving from one house to another. If you've got a family, trying to move everything by truck can be a real hassle.

Many of our customers will choose to rent a unit this size so that they can move things at their own pace, rather than everything at once.

It's also a great size for storing a classic car, or maybe just your summer car, so you don't have to worry about dings as the family does stuff in the garage.

It's perfect for placing shelves in and storing inventory, or files, so that you can get in, retrieve what you want, and get back out.

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What's a 10x20 storage unit good for?

  • Holds approximately seven average-sized rooms
  • Classic car storage
  • Winter car storage
  • It's a great construction locker for holding material, or doing home renovation.
  • Great for home business use, and storing inventory.
  • Perfect for medium-sized businesses to store file boxes offsite
  • Putting the patio furniture and lawn care stuff away so you can park the cars in the garage for the winter.