So you want a 5x10 unit, do you?

It's a good choice. This is generally the smallest space we recommend.

A 5x10 unit is generally a good pragmatic choice if you're thinking you want a small unit. If you're thinking of a 5x5, you most likely want a 5x10.

It's good for single people who are moving from one apartment to another. Especially if you're moving in a hurry. Put the essentials in your truck, and put the rest in storage so you can move at your leisure.

They're also very good for spring cleaning, or for cleaning out a room when one of the kids move back home.

Here's our rule of thumb: you want to be optimistic about the size you rent, and we get that. But if you're thinking "how much can I cram in as cheap as possible," you should also remember that eventually you'll want to get things back out.

If you think you may possibly use the storage unit for more than one single use, it's always good to choose the next size up, so that you save money in the long run. Not that we're against renting you multiple units. But at RHS Self Storage, we're more interested in having happy customers.

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What's a 5x10 unit good for?

  • Storing the contents of two average rooms.
  • Storing bicycles and motorcycles.
  • File storage, and tote storage, with room to see what you're trying to get at.
  • A couch or two.
  • A good place to keep seasonal decorations where you can actually get to them when you want them.