So you want a 5x15 unit, do you?

This is a good, affordable, middle-of-the-road storage unit.

This also happens to be a bit of an odd size for a lot of people. Keep in mind a 5x15 sounds big, but that only comes with a 40 inch wide door.

So if you're storing long things, like couches or tables, it's great. It may be a bit hard to maneuver around those larger things to get to the back.

For many of our customers who are thinking of this size, a better choice might be a 10x10. A 10x10 storage unit is the smallest locker with a full-size garage door.

Do you get this kind of practical advice from the other guys? Of course not. They'll be happy to rent you multiple units, though.

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What's a 5x15 good for?

  • Handy for storing odd, long things.
  • Extension ladders
  • Are you a plumber? These are great for storing lengths of pipe.
  • Motorcycles with a workbench setup
  • Holds three average rooms worth of stuff
  • Enough off-site file storage for a small-medium size business.