So you want a 5x5 unit, do you?

I'm going to be honest. You probably want something bigger.

The biggest problem you run into with trying to figure out the size of unit you need is your own optimism. Sure you want to save money, and so the though is to get the smallest unit that you can manage.

The thing is, though, is that storage can be a bit addicting. When you realize how convenient it is to store things out of your way in a clean and secure environment, you start thinking of other things to store. What that can lead to is an unmanagable mountain of stuff. It's not very convenient to pull out those old christmas decorations when there's snow on the ground and they're buried under everything else you thought to store.

So ask yourself this question: is this ALL I'm going to store? Many of our customers who rent very small lockers find that down the line they're renting a second locker for everything they couldn't fit the first time

If you think you may possibly store something else in the locker, it's always good to choose the next size up. Not that we're against renting you multiple lockers. But at RHS Self Storage, we're more interested in having happy customers.

Just one more reason to choose RHS over our competition. Give us a call today. 614-875-6029

What's a 5x5 good for?

  • Cleaning out a normal size closet.
  • Storing totes out of your way
  • Keeping seasonal decorations out of your mancave
  • Storing a single appliance until you figure out what to do with it
  • File storage (but plan on putting them on a shelf so you can get to them later)