About RHS Self Storage in Grove City Ohio - less than fifteen minutes from much of Columbus

Why are we different?

No hidden fees

It's hidden fees where most storage facilities make their money. It sounds like a good deal - first month free, until you are given a contract with outrageous administrative fees. Our price is our price. Period.

No surprises

Another dirty little secret of the storage industry: surprise rate increases. You move in at a reasonable rate, and then once the first snow hits - BLAM! You get a notice of rate increase. We don't play those games. You signed up to pay a price, and that's the price you pay.

Customer loyalty

We have our own customer loyalty program, and we're quite fond of it. We have customers who have been with us for years, and have NEVER seen a rate increase. Our long-term customers are loyal to us, so we're loyal to them.

Check out our reviews!!!

The brass tacks.

There are a thousand different storages. Some maybe closer to home. So why should you be choosy about your storage facility?

Located at 5885 Haughn Road, right off of I-71 at State Route 665, customers have entrusted us with providing them indoor and outdoor storage solutions since 1997. With our great prices, friendly staff, clean and dry facility, and state-of-the-art unit-level security and premesis monitoring hardware it can't get much better. Give us a call and find out why customers love us almost as much as we love them.

This is our guarantee to you: what you pay is what you sign up for. What you see is TRULY what you get. On top of that, we guarantee all of our prices for six months. And that doesn't mean your rate will increase once that time is over: we've had customers for years who have never seen a rate increase. We believe in treating our customers with the intelligence and respect they deserve. There's a reason why we get consistent good reviews in Yahoo!Local, Google Local, Yelp! and CitySearch. It's all because we believe in providing a top-notch service at an affordable price. So go ahead. Check out our reviews online. Check out the competition. We'd give you their numbers if we could remember them all. Sure they offer things like your first month for a dollar. They MORE than make up for it with fees and deposits, long-term committments, and monthly rate increases... Don't believe us? Just give them a call.

When you do, make sure you ask them questions. Don't know what to ask? Here's a few to get you started:

  • Will you guarantee the price of your storage units and/or boat/camper/rv storage for six months?
  • How many of your customers have been there a year and are still paying the same price as the day they moved in?(We have tenants that have been here for years, and have never seen a single rate increase.)
  • Do I have to sign a contract promising that I'll be there a certain amount of time?
  • Do they want my credit card number on file? (Hint: That's how they sneak rate increases past you.)
  • Will they force me to buy their insurance?
  • Are there alarms on each and every storage unit? (Each of our units are individually door-alarmed)
  • Is the facility secure, and completely fenced in? (Ours is. Many are not.)
  • Is the facility well-lit? (Many facilities do not invest in adequate security lighting.)
  • If they're offering to match our price, are they also willing to match our six month guarantee? (No, they're not.)
  • Does their manager suffer from insomnia? (Ours does because he's always working to provide the best service and security.)

And let's be frank. With the economy being what it is, who can afford to waste money? In these trying times, it's important to us to provide dependable service at a price you can depend on too. See what THEIR customers have to say about them. Then call us. We're ready to exceed all of your expectations and help you get into the right unit for you. Whether you need a giant locker for your move or a place to park your car.. or a little bitty one to clear up some closet space.. or you need a clean and secure facility to park your boat or RV... we're ready to serve you. That's our promise. Want further proof of how far we'll go for our customers? Just call our poor manager early in the morning. You make wake him up. It's because our committment to customer service is not merely contained to office hours like some other facilities. In fact, it probably borders on clinical insanity. He may sound like a grump in the morning, but really he's a great guy. He's just a little tired from obsessing about making our facility one of the cleanest, most well-maintained, secure facilities around. -- The Management RHS Self Storage The best storage facility servicing Columbus, Grove City, and surrounding areas. If you're in one of the following zip codes we can save you money, whether you need a single storage unit, multiple storage units, boat storage, rv storage, camper storage, trailer storage, or elephant storage. (Just kidding about the elephant.) (43228, 43204, 43222, 43215, 43223, 43203, 43205, 43209, 43206, 43207, 43232, 43227, 43213)

Four reasons why no other storage facility compares.

Our Self Storage Facility is clean and neat.

Our self storage facility is second to none. You won't be walking through any mudholes to get to our office.
The other guys hire slick writers to make you feel comfortable about a place that is probably a stone's throw from the nearest crack dealer. We don't want to use language to sway you. The photos of our facility should be enough to let you know how different we are.

Unit Sizes

We have a great selection of self storage unit sizes.
Our indoor storage units range in size from 5x5 to 20x30 feet. We do not offer climate controlled storage, but let's be honest - unless you're storing Picassos or priceless antiques, it's just another way the other guys jack up prices for services you likely don't need. Our outdoor spaces for boat and RV storage are oversized with wide, comfortable aisles for easy access. Speaking of wide, comfortable aisles: our storage units are designed so that most moving vans will be able to pull right up to the unit comfortably, and get out easily. The other guys design to maximize rentable space. We designed with YOU in mind.


You won't find any other self storage manager willing to go as far in helping their customers.
Don't believe us? Good. We like skeptics. Check out our reviews - Google RHS Self Storage and see what people have to say. Or you can click one of these links:


Don't trust your stuff to a place where the cockroaches complain about ants.
At our storage facility, we maintain and service our storage units by mopping, shop-vaccing, and disinfectant. You will not be moving into someone's gross old unit with motor oil stains on the floor that rub off on your things. We treat you like we'd treat our mother. If it's not good enough for her - it's not good enough for you. Period. Don't trust your stuff to a self storage facility where the cockroaches complain about ants. Come to RHS and store it right.