Looking for outdoor storage?

We're easily the best choice for storing your camper, boat, trailer, truck, or RV.

Before you come visit us, we want you to visit the competition.

That's right, you read that correctly. Before you visit us, visit the competition. But make sure you drive by at night. Is their outdoor storage well-lit? Is it secure? Are the parking spaces marked out properly? Are the aisles wide enough to get around in?

Then, after you visit the competition, come visit us. The first thing you'll notice is our bright lighting, our clean and secure facility, and our compacted gravel lot.

Because why would you spend all that money on a RV, camper or trailer, just to park it in a mud pit? Or to have to stick it along an aisle where it may get hit by other customers? Or to have it be in the dark at night, where thieves may be tempted?

Just one more reason to choose RHS over our competition. Outdoor storage for us isn't an afterthought, and you'll never be made to feel like you're second-class as you wade through mud pits and overgrown weeds.

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What should you look for in outdoor storage?

  • Our facility is well-lit at night.
  • Our storage spaces are well-marked, easy to find, and spaced out well.
  • We will never stick you alongside an aisle.
  • Our aisles are nice and wide for easy pull-in and out.
  • Our storage lot won't make you feel like you're on safari from overgrown weeds.